Arms Pious Pelican                                                     

He was born in c1448 in the village and was educated in Winchester, Magdalen College Oxford and Pembroke Hall Cambridge. He also studied theology and canon law in Paris.

He was one of the chief ministers of King Henry VII. Founded Corpus Christi College in 1515-16.  In his service to the Church he was Bishop of Exeter, Bath and Wells, Durham and finally Winchester.

His governmental work involved setting up treaties and other diplomatic manoeuvres. This continued after the death of Henry VII in 1509. He remained in government to Henry VIII but was losing influence to Thomas Wolsley and retired in 1516.

The King's School in Grantham was endowed  as a free Grammar School by him in in 1528

          He  died in 1528 at Wolversley Hampshire and is buried in Winchester Cathedral.